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Varun Sharma, a student of BA III (Economics honours) at GGDSD College, Chandigarh, is a Vegan Animal Rights Activist, working rigorously to spread awareness about the significance of a vegan diet and related issues. He’s been giving presentations to NGOs, classrooms and individuals to sensitise them about this issue.

An excerpt from Varun’s presentation:

A staggering 190 million people sleep hungry every night in India. Not because of food wastage or government policies. But only because we choose to feed animals a diet that humans could eat first hand. So you see, it’s not a human population issue, it’s human eating animal population issue.

The longest study ever done in the field of diet, The China Study, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, proves the direct relation between milk protein and calcium deficiency; between milk consumption (IGF1) and cancer growth. One of the most allergic foods, milk (and other animal products) is also the leading cause for heart attacks, child diabetes, acne, iron deficiency anemia, itchy swollen eyes, constipation, and much more. I don’t want my parents to suffer from any of these diseases, and being health conscious, I cannot have a commodity that has 8 times more the level of pesticides and environmental intoxicants than grains, in Punjab.

Also, a cow has to go through immense pain and suffering for that glass of milk. She is tied with racks against her will, artificially inseminated, sodomized, raped, fed on unnatural diets, and separated from their calves almost immediately after birth, and a lot of pain you cannot even think of.

A hen has to spend four years in a small cage with one or two other hens, without a beak, fed on unnatural diets, they still peck at each other and as a result there is a lot of blood. They have to be separated from their eggs every week. That is cruel.
But that glass of milk shake, or that slice of cheese, is way more CRUEL than that.”

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