Van mahotsav PGGC – 11


Today on the auspicious occasion of van mahotsav, the students of the botany department planted trees in the botanical garden and also decorated the walls of their department with their work conveying to save the mother earth.

The chief guest, Dr Daizy R Batish, who is a known ecologist of Punjab University, national and international award winner for her research papers, accompanied the students in the event.

She not only just planted trees, but also made everyone aware of the sustainable ways to prevent pollution which kills the planet we live in. a presentation was shown making everyone aware of the factors depleting the earth and ways to save it.

We were honored to learn things from her. Let’s start planting trees; everyone should take the initiative to conserve the energy and sources that we consume.

Message from the chief guest, “Not just one person, everybody should take an initiative and conserve the world. Conserve it for the future generations and for ourselves. Plant more trees.”

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