V-Day Hangover celebrated with Verses


“Every single soul is a poem.”

Michael Franti.

A beautiful aura of resounding poetry was created by the amazing Chandigarh Poetry Group, ” The Kavitactics” at Gusto Kitchen and kaffe on February 19, 2016.

The event was a V-Day hangover and a celebration of the month of love. The poets scented the air with their beautiful poetry on love with soul-touching titles. Some poets came up with different topics which literally blew the audience away! Poems on titles such as ‘water’ and ‘poop’,  shayari on love and life, erotica, punjabi-soothing verses, it was all absolutely cherishable.

Food and interactions bejeweled the event during the munchy break. The kaffe offered special coupons worth 300 bucks for a more tempting poetic time. And what more dulcet could be there for the performers, each performer had to pick an envelope from the basket which had surreal poems of different poets, as a token of love for Kavitactics. No doubt, the evening turned out to be immensely special for all.

After the wrapping up of performances, there was an open mic session for other poets which literally transformed into a giggle and laughter session. The creative pieces were damn good, touching hearts with substance and a rare type of humour. The hearts got pumped up with blood having ‘Poetic-B+’ and truckloads of glittery thoughts.

So The Kavitactics Hours were heavenly!
Robert Frost, Keats,  John Donne, Ghalib, were seen live imparting their essential ingredients to the Chandigarh- poets.
Poetry? Poetry is magic.


Initiated by two first year students, Gursaya Grewal and Prerit Rajput who aspire to bring the poetic souls of Chandigarh together so that there is a healthy propagation of this precious talent, the Kavitactic organizes such soulful events very often.

Want to see Magicians, See Kavitactics live!
Vocal chords, they play it all.
And your heart, your heart geta enchanted.

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