Utilize Your Education Right!


The times are here,

Where education and its system

Are criticised to the core,

Students are heard ranting and abusing,

Of Algebra and Pythagoras, but forget

There is word called brainstorming.


The game is on, when we are born,

Then why aren’t we taught to play well?

Why aren’t we told,

About the problems that dwells?

And spoon fed the solutions as well?

Well well well, why do we forget, it’s the education

That taught us to turn right?

And significance of the jumps and fall?


Snoring and munching,

Bunking and the nut cracking,

Some of our favourite memories of school, right?

Then why blame the system,

When we lack the actual utilisation.


Formation Classes were given,

Moral values were given,

Value of truth and compassion, spoken often

Examples of Gandhi,

And Teresa were so common,

But we found ways to criticize,

As we knew how to roll over the dice

To win the race with shortcuts,

And also cut short

Our values and logic as well.

Instead of getting inspired by the good,

We picked up the bad and made fun,

Seriously is it done?

So my friends,

Where is the utilisation

Of our dearest education?


We read the banners of cleanliness,

Of the swachh bharat,  the yoga day and also corruption,

We know everything,

And our taught everything

We should have been taught,

Our only problem breathes

In our utilisation,

Utilisation of the information,

Utilisation of the education.


So all I would suggest,

Wake up and open your eyes,

Stop blaming, and start learning,

Don’t just read but understand,

Don’t just understand but apply,

Don’t just apply but utilize,

Utilize our virtue and knowledge,

Our capabilities, and understanding,

So don’t just hear, applaud and forget,

But grasp and engrave,

And be selfish enough to get,

Get the best out of everything,

So from today,

Let us start this with the dedication

Let us, Utilize our education.. 😊

At the end I would like to thank all my teachers, who have been my guiding stars,

As I stand here and speak/write because of them, and proud to utilize my education as per my capabilities.

About the Author:

Sonam Goel (DAV College 10)



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