UT Administration Launches Online Grievance Redressal for April Fools’ Day


The Municipal Corporation is all set to launch an online grievance redressal portal especially for the April Fools’ Day, that is round the corner. The day is being celebrated since time immemorial, by pranksters across the globe. So, the administration has decided to take an initiative in order to curb the menace of April Fools’ Day.

People of all age groups can make their account on the portal and lodge a complaint against any prankster who tries to make him a fool on April 1st. This action was taken after Saccha Singh, a senior officer of the Municipal Corporation was fooled by his girlfriend last year on April Fools’ Day.

In an exclusive conversation with our correspondent, Mr. Saccha Singh said, “I am a believer of truth, and I truly feel that no one should resort to lies in order to feel good. Last April Fool’s Day, my world turned upside down when my girlfriend mocked me with a lie. She came to me and said that she was pregnant. I almost had a mini heart-attack, following which she started laughing and wished me a happy April Fools’ Day. Although it was not intended to be nasty or anything but, the pain was real. I do not understand the reason behind such pranks on a specific day of the year. So, we decided to launch an online grievance redressal portal to curb the menace.”

The complaints will be scrutinized by the officials and reviewed within 24 hours of which the complainant has lodged the complaint. Stringent actions shall be taken against pranksters who try to play nasty or illicit pranks against the strangers. The entire details about the online grievance redressal portal shall be released on the administrations’ official website shortly. This will definitely come as a sigh of relief to all those who impomptly become prey to pranksters, and are mocked thereof.

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our own way of starting a rumor with some believably fake news. So, you need not abstain from celebrating April Fools’ Day. It’s time to think of some fishy pranks, now!

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

A stout believer of the doctrine of karma, and definitely an optimist. Bhavya suffers from a childhood syndrome, of laughing at serious situations and the same translates in her writings in the form of disastrous wit. Food, music and books are the definition of immense happiness.


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