Unnao-Kathua Rape Case: PU Students raise their voice


We stand united; we stand strong! The students of Panjab University raised their fist in protest against the recent ‘Unnao’ and ‘Kathua’ rape case. The mode of protest was peaceful and silent candle march from STU-C to 17th sector with sector 15 and 16 en-route. The event took place on April 15, 2018, Sunday. Chandigarh police administration also played a major role in ensuring discipline and security of the students.

The march was independently organized by five girls of PU namely, Aastha Sood, Anjali Sheoran, Apoorva Chandra, Goldie Negi and Kushboo Pareek, without affiliation of any political party or NGO. Students from several departments of PU, colleges in Chandigarh and even the high-school grade 12th boys and girls marched along to resist and change.  It included Candles, self-made posters, tape on mouths, and the portrait of ‘Asifa’ 8yrs old victim.

Before the march began, a professor from Law department of PU, addressed the participants explaining Gandhian principles and suggesting mode of peace for peace.

U Mirror correspondent talked to some of the demonstrating students to elicit their views, which are noteworthy. Aman Patana from law department said, “justice has no religion and we shouldn’t really be talking about hindu or muslim here”. Another student, Sunil Kumar was of view that, recently owing to Cambridge Analytica case image of social media deteriorated but it has a  major role to play in brightly highlighting the ‘Kathua’ case, which the mass media has been ignoring since it took place in January.

Taran, a 12th grader girl also had a thought to share. According to her, before being recognized by our religious identities, the realization of being human should come first.

Almost every single person had a question mind; ‘what was her fault?’  In their opinion, whatever the dispute was with ‘Bakarwal community’ the child was too young to know such things and shouldn’t have been victimized.

Religion is not a bad thing. We need its rightful propagation to counter those who are committing blunder in its name”, said a spectator.

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