University Elections: a way to make a change or way to create fear


Here they come again, the Panjab University elections, just that time of the year,  when people from different student organisations or parties will approach with their strong beliefs to make a change, to portray agendas that need to be worked upon and emphasising on groundbreaking issues, which they usually fail to remember after a while. But, it is just an opinion, and not applicable to all but most of them.

Anyway, before the day of elections, these organisations and parties convince you all to vote for their particular party or candidate(s). If this isn’t enough, they conduct rallies or move out in a collective group to show people the amount of support or power they have, all of this keeps going on and on for weeks. But, the point of this issue is the amount of people who take part in these rallies, or campaigns conducted by these parties or organisations.

Who are these people? Are all of these people actually the students of this university? Or have been picked up from anywhere? And why do these parties need these people? The answer to that is just to show they’ve got a good amount of people supporting who actually don’t belong to the respective college or any department of this university.

Although, yes, a large group from a respective party may attract a lot of attention from people and might even make a point, that they look strong. But, is it right to use outsiders (people who don’t belong to any department or college under Panjab University) for any campaign or a rally, because if we take a look at any events from the past or any recent ,nothing good has ever come of these outsiders,  but instead they’ve been the ones indulging in violence and other criminal activities.

If anyone of you took a look at any newspaper today, all of you would have read about the attack on a student of S.D. College or the representative of a party, who just voiced his opinion against some things who later got hit by soft drink bottle, right on his head by a person who didn’t belong to the college or the incident that took place last month in D.A.V. college, in which a respective party supporter got stabbed by some other group, due to a heated argument between them. We are all aware about the fact that S.G.G.S. College has decided not to contest elections this year, which was also a result of brawl.

I know, most of you would say, these things have not sprung up recently but apparently has been happening from a long time, and hear the often used the phrase ‘bhai, elections hain, yeh sab toh hota rehta hai’. But the real question which no one is addressing is that why do we even let these incidents take place?  And if these student organisations care about us so much, why is that they still need supporters from outside this gigantic university. I am neither criticising nor favouring any particular group or party.  But, the truth of the matter is that whenever we come across these parties the only emotion that comes to the mind is fear which in the ideal case should b respect. But alas! That’s not the case

So, what are these elections really for? Are they really about bringing change? Or are they here to show off the amount of power they have? Or is it about stamping your opinions on others by means of violence and fear?

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