University Business School (UBS), Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh organised Corporate Interaction Session


As many as six esteemed industry experts delivered talks
on varied topics at the Corporate Interaction Session.
UBS Chairman, Prof. Suresh K. Chadha, and UBS Teacher Placement Coordinator, Prof. B.B. Goyal felicitated Executive Vice-President of India Infoline, Mr Jayanth Ranganathan;
Managing Director at Auscan, Mr Sunil Jaggi; Mr Prabhujeev Bajaj from HDFC and Senior Executive at Tata AIA ,Mr Mohinder Singh Chahal, who was accompanied by his associate Ms. Sonia. Later we were joined by two more guest speakers; Punjabi University Prof Batra and ADG Punjab, Mr Jaswinder Singh in the session. They were welcomed by UBS Prof. Chadha and senior faculty member, Prof. Dinesh K. Gupta. Mr Ranganathan spoke extensively about Wealth Management. He explained the topic really well with the help of a presentation. While quoting many examples from the industry he explained various concepts like wealth creation, price-earnings ratio, debt to equity ratio, debt to growth ratio. Stating the thumb rule for investing into equity or mutual funds he said, “Invest only that amount which you don’t need for the next five years.” He also advised to not follow the herd mentality and to conduct our own research before investing, Mr Jaggi talked about the skills required for global employment opportunities. India’s problem is not the lack of jobs but the lack of employable skills. He illustrated upon the requirements for getting a good job which are; a good CV, good communication, a positive personality and showing the skills that are relevant to the job- team spirit, confidence, winner attitude, willingness to learn etc. He suggested the students to differentiate between important and urgent and prioritize wisely.
Next the stage was taken over by Mr Bajaj who spoke about wealth management and
financial planning. He said that for managing wealth one doesn’t require to be a genius
when common sense is enough, if used at the right time. He also advocated the contrarian
view of investing which is- when most people are greedy, be fearful to invest; but if
most people are fearful, be very-very greedy. He mentioned that emotional quotient (EQ)
is also important along with intelligence quotient (IQ). He ended the talk by saying
that we should find what we love to do and the follow it with conviction.
Mr Chahal’s session was a very fun and interactive session in which he told about Tata
AIA and insurance industry. Out of 10 people available, only 2 are insured; only 65%
population of India is insured and hence it presents a great potential in the market
which can be exploited. He also talked about actuaries in India. He stressed upon
communication as the most important skill required to get hired. It is important not
only to say things clearly but also in a way that the other person understands what we
are trying to say. Also, continuous effort and trust is required to engage and retain
Prof. Batra talked about experimenting with ideas and finding out what we love. He
explained so by quoting an example of a small pastry shop owner who loved baking and has
now opened a culinary school in abroad. He told the students to find what they love and
work really hard towards it. He also advised us to learn from the mistakes of others
while talking about experience.
Next the stage was taken over by Mr Jaswinder who spoke about government services. He
said it’s a wonderful thing how economy is opening up to the world but some people have
an innate desire to serve their nation. While advocating the government services, he
mentioned in light humour how recession has no impact on it. Though there are not many
monetary benefits in it but serving the nation, the common people of India and
maintaining law and order in the country gives the kind of satisfaction which cannot be
given by any other job.
The whole session was very informative and students gained a lot from these learned and
august speakers. The most important take away today was to get into a job that we love
for only then can we work passionately and with conviction to build our careers.


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