Unfreeze: Freeze-Mob By Psy-Fi

The Psy-Fi team was back with a bang on April 12th in the celebration ground at MCM DAV College. This time their awareness event based on the theme, ‘Jo mera hai woh mera hai’ was a silent protest against the label/stigma people carry for people with mental illness. 
It was a freeze mob, or as stated by Jigyasa Tandon, one of the founders of psy-fi, ‘Unfreeze the freeze.’ The volunteers stood still in the crowd holding banners propagating correct and functional information about mental disorders which are commonly observed in the society. These were simple definitions and information about different mental disorders viz bipolar disorder, phobia, schizophrenia etc.
People often have very little or no information at all about mental disorders which gives birth to misconceptions and stigmas. 
The awareness event was an eye opener to the audience. The fact that people have a tendency to hide their mental disorders in the fear of being judged or stigmatised was eloquently put across. We should note that not every disability is visible. Quotes like Let not judgements about me become paragraphs of discussion. Hear me out for my own words in real conversations” grabbed the attention of the viewers.
Once again, Jigyasa Tandon and Meghna Sangwan, the founders of Psy-Fi successfully portrayed how mental illness could be the greatest hurdle in explaining ourselves to the society. Societal pressure and the need for acceptance is what holds us back the most and all we need to do is break the stigma. The motive behind the freeze mob i.e. to spread awareness about various mental ailments,  was clearly seen in the posters carried by the volunteers.
The event was a huge success as it was able to by-gather a large audience and spread awareness amongst the lot.

About the Author:

Diksha Bharti (MCM DAV 36)

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Gurkirat Kaur (MCM DAV 36)


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