Uncle Jack’s: An All-American Creamery Providing All-American Experience


A small, chic outlet with a take away menu, Uncle Jack’s is all out to serve all American, scrumptious and delectable food. The place from within- the interior, the aroma, the conduct, gives you the whole American feel.

Restaurants generally tend to bring in North Indian, Chinese, or at times Continental; but kudos to Uncle Jack’s to focus on one specialty and bring the best out of it. The whole concept is to bring luxury food to streets; to bring good food that is generally available in high ended restaurants, but for students who can’t pay that much.

The place is always full with people, at times to an extent that it is a tedious task to even place an order. They serve gourmet waffles, sliders (Burgers with Fries), sandwiches, salads, shakes etc. From someone who has just tried vegetarian food there, I highly recommend the Kennedy’s, the Veg-Cheesemelt (has real cheese flowing, which melts in your mouth to give a heavenly feel) and the Cheesy-Fries, with the presentation of these fries being the main highlight of the entire dish. They were warm, crisp and were topped with mayo and cheese. Wonderful combination all in all. Not only that, my friends who have tried the non-veg cuisine have also been left licking their fingers to the last bite.

Photo-Credit: Palka Sodhi (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Palka Sodhi (SD College 32)

Also, how can someone leave without trying some lip smacking dessert- the waffles, the cakes, the coolers and shakes, everything has a class of its own. Their shakes, especially the Chocolate Mud-Pot leaves you asking for more, the presentation is exemplary, and so is the flavours. With thick uniform consistency and the savoury slurping, everything is meticulously made and done.

Something that they could have looked after is the pricing, as it is targeted for students who wish to try high end food at decent price. Regardless, the eatery is always full, depicting the acceptance of the place.

All in all, if someone intends to have Cult American Food at reasonable pricing, must definitely go for this place.

Where to find them? Locate them at 9, Gurudwara Rd, 8B, Sector 8, Chandigarh

Overall Rating: 4-stars

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Arnav Munjal (BDS, PU Campus)

Arnav Munjal
(BDS, PU Campus)

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