Ultimate Survival Guide for PU!


(Disclaimer– The writer loves to exaggerate everything in life and the following suggestions are highly experimental. She can’t be blamed for any side-effects that you may suffer from, as a result of taking her sound (not) advice. Don’t perform the following stunts without adult supervision.)

College is daunting for every freshman no matter what the academic course or university, and Panjab University is no exception. PU has everything in common with Hogwarts right from sweeping staircases, crumbling old buildings to dusty and fascinating libraries. The only thing that PU lacks is the mystical sorting hat which could have sorted fresher’s into their houses– Are you the super studious one? Congratulations, you’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw and may move to your common room (read: the library)– forcing them to struggle and stumble their way through the initial few weeks of college.

Stepping into the campus for the first is like stepping into a tornado designed to suck all the blood and happiness right out of you. But don’t worry because I have decided to take you, dear fresher, under my wing and share some great (not really!) counsel on how to survive Panjab University like a pro.

1)   Skip those 8 a.m. classes:


Honestly, who in his right mind would ACTUALLY consider waking up and getting ready at such an ungodly hour to attend a class? College is all about living dangerously and binge watching Netflix till 4 in the morning. So unless you are a complete weirdo who prefers the hard and uncomfortable surface of your desk for napping, skip those irritating super early lectures and cuddle with your pillows instead. 

2)   Become a Pseudo Activist:


It’s time to visit your family tailor you have spent years looking down upon and getting khadi kurtas stitched in every color known to mankind. No, I haven’t lost my mind. If you come to Panjab University and do not participate in its countless protests and processions, have you even lived at all? Attend political meetings, read and have pseudo-intellectual arguments about world peace because you are the one who’ll solve everything in your freshman year (obviously, duh!). 

3)   Leave every assignment for the last minute:


Now, now, don’t get all scandalized. No, leaving assignments incomplete till the last minute and then panicking is not a sin. It is one of the greatest arts practiced by every college student (why panic only at the disco, right?). This not only builds your problem-solving skills but also sheds light on your ability to thrive and pass a semester depending upon completely senseless arguments made-up at 3 a.m. in the morning under the influence of caffeine.

4)   The Library is your temple:


Trust me, during exams the library is your holy shrine and the reference books are your holy scriptures. But trying to navigate through the looming passages of the library right before the exam week is nothing short of a game of thrones episode with every student ready to spill blood just to find a quiet spot to study. This isn’t for the weak-hearted but can prove to be the perfect experience of adventure junkies.

You have been warned about the glorified blood bath, Jon Snow. Follow these amazing suggestions and go be the king in the North. Welcome to college!

About the Author:

Aashima Garg (Dept of Economics, PU Campus)

Aashima Garg (Dept of Economics, PU Campus)

Writer. 18 years old. Pursuing B.A. Economics (Hons) from Department of Economic, PU. I am a Hindi poetry enthusiast and an avid reader. I love binge watching movie and sitcoms.

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