UILS Students Perform Street Plays to Spread Awareness on ‘Drug De-addiction, Eve teasing and Domestic Violence


Students of University Institute of Legal Studies today performed a street play on ‘Drug
De-addiction, Eve teasing and Domestic Violence’ at Colony No. 4 here today.
Showing the life of a bright student who falls prey to the vice of Drug Addiction, the
play highlighted and warned against the causes and consequences of drug addiction. Drug
Addiction being a vice that makes a person vulnerable to more vices serves as breeding
ground for more deviant behavior and acts comprising eve teasing and offences such as
domestic violence. The play was performed by 30 students of the final year of UILS.
This awareness initiative was first in a series of Nukkad Natakas set to be performed by
UILS’ 5th year students as part of their Legal Aid Project in collaboration with the
State Legal Services Authority. Six more street plays would be performed by different
groups of students over the course of the next month. Two plays would be performed on
September 27 at Colony No. 4 in collaboration with “We and You Foundation”, dealing with
Right to Education and Drug De-Addiction. Another play would be performed on September
30 at Khuda Lahora on Environmental issues. On October 7, a street play on Drug
De-addiction in Palsora; on October 14 on Domestic Violence at Kiambwala, and finally on
October 21 a street play would be performed in Daddumajra dealing with Gender
Discrimination, these in collaboration with State Legal Services Authority.
This is the first phase of the three phase Legal Aid Project. The second phase is a
Legal Services Training Programme that will be held on September 24, for the final year
students of UILS, to explain the working of Para-Legal Volunteers and the State Legal
Services Authorities and to sensitize regarding social issues, their legal implications
and solutions and the need for Legal Aid.
The third and final phase would begin on October 1, wherein, the students will be
divided into groups of six and they will address students of a number of schools in the
Tri-city regarding several of social issues and the need and availability of Legal Aid.


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