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Having spent the last few days in U.I.L.S with many party supporters greeting you for the vote appeal and echoes of the ZINDABADs and MURDABADs, one cannot help but wait for the results. To add on to the ‘spark’ this time, we were told about the semester result which was to be declared soon after the casting of the votes. Therefore, ANOTHER LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT.

This year from our department (known for its active involvement in elections ),we had quite a few enthusiasts for the post of the Department Representative(D.R) out of which some got cancelled because of various issues. After a lot of hard-work and determination of the all the nominees, the following were elected as the Department Representatives for the year 2015-2016

  1. Prince Goyal (SOI)-3rd YEAR
  2. Akhil Ahuja(ABVP)-3rd YEAR
  3. Bahaar Ghuman(Independent)-3rd YEAR
  4. Siddharth Jindal(PUSU)-1st YEAR

Prince Goyal, who was very popular as a nominee managed to the get the highest number of votes .Akhil Ahuja gained a lot of popularity because his innovative idea of making a separate website for the department updates called probonouils.weebly.com . Bahaar Ghuman had also put in a lot of effort as she was the only female candidate standing for the election. Many were looking forward to ‘the girl power’. The victory of Siddharth Jindal was also very impressive because it is not an easy task winning the seat D.R in the very first year.The two candidates standing for the elections were Aditya Sajwan and Vikas Berwal. ,both from the first year.

Overall, the department saw very genuine elections. Not to forget the amount of effort put in by each and every candidate and their supporters, each one deserves a special recognition. The department looks forward to a very fruitful year ahead.

Heartiest congratulations to the winners from the PU Mirror.

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