Udyami – A Sneak Peek

Pictures By Rishika Saini (UIET)
Before we tell you about Udyami , you should know about the organizers of Udyami , the EDC .The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of Panjab University, Chandigarh formed when a handful of people came together to realize the need of an organisation at the college level to fuel, support as well as guide their and other peoples entrepreneurial pursuits.
EDC organises workshops, discussions, sets up meetings with entrepreneurs e.t.c. so as to spread awareness about entrepreneurship in and around us. The members of the EDC have a striving passion and unparalleled determination to break free of mediocrity and instead, shoot for the stars. With that aim, they organise their annual 3-day Entrepreneurship-Summit: UDYAMI-Entrepreneurial Crossroads
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UDYAMI-2016 is a national Entrepreneurship-Summit that provides tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurial excellence. It is a 3-day event that involves students, mentors, investors and to no surprise, entrepreneurs. At Udyami, they aim at fostering the startup ecosystem of this developing nation by engaging with the country’s youth through a plethora of events that include workshops, competitions, panel discussions and networking sessions. With an expected turnaround of entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and students, bridging of this gap between the startup and mentors has never been easier. The event hence is a great opportunity to create an ambience for startups and new ideas.
The summit includes the following-
(a)Problemania 3.0
(b)BYOC- Bid Your Own Company
(c)Be a Tour Guide
(e)Get Them All
(f)Suit Up
2. Panel Discussions
The panels are as follows-
(a) Travel
(b)Startups of the Future
4.Networking Sessions
5.Startup Of The Event
6. Internship Fair
7. Public Pitching Sessions
We believe that entrepreneurs are the key to unlock a country’s potential for growth. UDYAMI helps identify and highlight the next generation of entrepreneurs who will, in time, improve the quality of life in the country and sooner than later, around the world.
For details on the competitions, please visit the link:   http://www.ecelluiet.com/udyami/
For registration to the event, please visit the link: http://www.ecelluiet.com/udyami/Registration.html
We have also set up a help and registration desk at the Student Center which is open daily till 3pm.



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