Udyami 2k16 – Why a must for budding entrepreneurs?


What is Udyami?

Udyami is a yearly event held in PU for budding start-ups which helps bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and successful mentors. It promises to be unique with it’s dynamic events, and encourages both great ideas, and their execution.

1. Public pitching with venture capitalists
Udyami 2016 promises a Public pitching sessions for entrepreneurs with the biggest venture capitalists of Chandigarh along with direct interaction with established mentors.
2.Internship fair –
A grand Internship fair will be available to students from all fields. Over 20 startups are expected at this fare, with numerous Internship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates.
3. Young entrepreneurs/panel discussions
This is not your run-off the mill fest with 2 hour speaker sessions. Successful young entrepreneurs will hold dynamic panel discussions on various ‘in’ topics.

4. It is an event for all
Sectors/fields are clearly segregated and labeled so it is an event for all types of entrepreneurs.

5. Bid your own company!
You can bid your own company which gives you an insight on how to choose what’s best for your startup.
When is it? 18-20th of March,2016

For more information, visit-  https://goo.gl/P8c0R8



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