‘UDTA PUNJAB’ in turmoil, leaked online two days before release!


It seems like ‘Udta Punjab’ has got much publicity, even without making any attempt for that kind of promotion. While this crime thriller is all set for its release on June 17th, due to unforeseen circumstances, the movie has got leaked barely two days before its official release!


Starring Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh,  directed by Abhishek Chaubey and produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and Phantom Films, the movie highlights the impact and menace of drug abuse in society in general and Punjab in particular.


Producers of ‘Udta Punjab’ lodged a complaint with the cyber police, on the June 15th, 2016, stating that the movie was leaked online and made available on torrent by an unidentified person. Investigation is being carried out by the police, to track the IP address through which the movie was uploaded. And the major string here is that the leaked version isn’t the original record. It is in fact, the copy of the film that was submitted to the Censor Board for review.


But this is not the only case of uncalled publicity for this movie. It was earlier in news, when the Censor board asked for a halt on the movie’s release, as it contained scenes much too mature for the general audience. Following this the producers were asked to make 89 cuts in the film’s scenes, however they were given the go for the release later on.


It seems like following the popular opposition of the Censor Board on both instances related to ‘Udta Punjab,’ rather than reviewing the movies, it is itself in the public platter for review. As of the movie, we can only speculate for now. With the movie leaked online, is it still on for its release or will it be postponed?


However, seeing how the filmmakers managed to remove the leaked version, we can hopefully look forward to watching the movie in theaters on it’s release!

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