Uber and ‘I am Still Human’ takes to the path of helping underprivileged!


Photography by Shaurya Dahiya (MCM College 36)

Making the crowd of underprivileged children feel privileged, ‘I am Still Human’ in collaboration with Uber and Goli Vada Pav organised an event, where 50 children from nearby slums gathered to be a part, on August 7th, 2016. The event took place at Uber Office, Industrial Area Phase II.


Beginning with individual introduction, the kids were so enthusiastic to open up, that all it took for them was a call and they took over the stage with such ardour; leaving us all awestruck and mesmerized with their innocence and talent. Be it bhangra or rapping, jokes or poems, they knew it all and didn’t shy away a moment. Looking at their talent, they surely required a platform that they don’t usually get to express, and ‘I am Still Human’ in collaboration with Uber gave them one, which they were happy to embrace.


The NGO, ‘I am Still Human’ have been into social work and caring for these kids ever since their inception. They organise one event or the other every Sunday for the same purpose. “I have been with ‘I am Still Human’ for one year now and every day seems an adventure, you get so much love from these kids,” quoted Gagan Watts, a member of ‘I am Still Human.’


Another noble soul present, who has dedicated his wife’s and his life for uplifting the lives of the kids, was Mansa Ram Ahuja, the founder of ‘Jeevan Mukt Nishulk Vidhalaya’. He picks up kids from signal points and other places, gives them a chance to read and study for free in his school, and sees to it that they become capable enough to earn a living for them. They began in 2003 and now have more than 3000 kids under his tutelage. He urged all to support him. Ahuja promised to take care of all their expenses, he just wanted people to help him gather such children.


With Uber completing it’s two years in the tri-city this month, it is taking up an initiative to give back to the society. Karan and his team from Uber, who had taken up this initiative, told PU Mirror that giving back to the city that loved their firm so much is a part of their 2 year anniversary celebrations and they aren’t just organizing this event, but will be doing so for the entire month of August; giving out free donuts, 5 star stays, donating to people and a lot more. In the words of Karan, “We are organizing various events in the city for those who cannot live a life they deserve.” He insisted that the amount of internal satisfaction it gives, when you do something for someone, is paramount and one of the best feelings anyone can get.


He even informed us about an exclusive student friendly event happening the next day. For all the donut lovers out there, Uber and Super Donuts are giving away free donuts. Just go on the app, click promotions and enter the promo code SBADONUTS now. On August 8, 2016 between12:00pm to 2:00pm, they informed that the people can open the Uber app and look out for the Super Donuts wagon.

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