Types of people in ‘YouTube Comment Section’


From CJI to Kejriwal, even Netizens tend to have an opinion. Fearlessness to voice is the benefactor of secrecy; and what better place than Internet’s gift to Freedom-of-Speech enthusiasts- comment section, to substantiate the same?

Following are the major kinds of people one might come across, while waiting for a video to stop buffering and eventually scrolling down in the abyss of hove and late.

1. The Unnecessary Critiques:

point-1Being a writer, it is an understatement to be a critic. But there is a difference between criticism and cynicism. While on the Internet, due to perks of masked identity, few people go berserk with their idea of ‘airing views’. For instance: A video is about soldier’s homecoming to their first child. While the majority was going ‘aww’, there were still a fair share explaining (in unrequited detail) how American soldiers deprived little Iraqi kids of their fathers. It’s good to be overly critical, only when it is the right place to be one (Just as it is to be a Donald Trump).

2. The ‘Sorry My English Isn’t…’

point-2They may not be in majority blanketing under every video, but one comes across a good number of them. They will comment something about the video and then suffix a line- ‘Sorry, my English isn’t that good’; which most of the times ‘is‘. It’s a mystery if these commenters treat Internet as a hit and trial practical space or if this line is a tacit attempt to shrug off grammar phonies (also the next category). One may never know.

3. The Grammar Police:

3bThey need to be conferred a degree. They have Stephen Fry of English. They are well aware of every facet of the Lingua Franca; have amassed Titanic of a vocabulary with impeccable spellcheck and generally have a lot of time on themselves to correct other people’s ‘did is followed by present verb.’ A web comment expert once quipped, “Grammar is considered as the last resort to win a virtual battle.” And somehow, there are commenters in YouTube who make sure to win.

4. The ‘Who Is Watching This In 2099?’

point-4Well, these comments are in a little less than all videos. These are self-explanatory in themselves and generally rest in bulk under (ab)normally famous English singers’ music videos, i.e. Swift, Perry, Gomez etc. Generally, ardent fans are the ones behind it. But now, this category of commenters is all the rage; so much so, that some make quite a mock out of it.

5. The ‘Trailer Was Too Muchova Giveaway’

point-5Indian films (surprisingly) are not a victim of this, but Hollywood flicks (that are yet to enthrall the audience) and their poor marketing teams are subjected to this cruelty of sorts. Very recently, in the trailer of a movie, ‘Passengers’, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, a fan telepathically noted: Did Chris really had to destroy the entire plot and say ‘There is a reason we woke up’ to Jen at the end of the trailer? That’s it, movie is spoilt for me.

Mazel tov!

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Sakshi Awasthy (MCM DAV 36)

Sakshi Awasthy
(MCM DAV 36)

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