Types of girls you’ll find in College.


GIRLS! Aren’t they just the most exciting people around? You have to agree with me that the female gender is the most complex to understand. While most girls like to brag that they’re not like others, but when you’re hanging around on a college campus, you’ll find that the opposite is more likely true! Most girls are like other girls.  In fact, almost all of them fit into certain archetypes or stereotypes.


1.) The “I can’t, I’m so busy” girl: 

This is the girl you see rushing to and from class with a ton of papers and books in her arms. She must be pre-med or something, because she never has time for anything. Missing out on fun but she sure is the one that makes others look bad in terms of future success.


2.) The girl who says she doesn’t care and honestly means it: 


Lots of girls like to say they don’t care what other people think of them, but every once in a while, you come across someone who genuinely means it. Whether that means mismatched clothes, little to no social aspirations, or whatever you can come up with, these girls actually exist. Running free from the world she is just concerned with her happiness and her comfort level. Perfect I say!


3.) The hot one who gets straight A’s: 

Beauty and brains.  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner! Rare but when you see such a girl around better step up and take a chance. It’s highly unlikely for you to meet such girls with ease because unicorns are not seen around and yes she has brains, so no kinky flirting.


4.) The never-puts-down-her-phone girl: 

It’s a wonder she can make it to class without walking into the side of a building because she seriously never looks up from her phone. Ever! Be it playing a game on the device or talking to someone, she is all so busy.


5.) The Fashionista: 

Quite self-explanatory. Mostly wears designer clothes, high heels and tons of make up to college. She is the one that is known all around the college and when she steps in the canteen I bet a few heartbeats stop. She is good looking and if you’re a girl you want to look like her and if you’re a guy you want her in your arms!


6.) The Nerd: 

Miss genius type. Able to give opinions to almost anything and spends time reading novels. Claims that she doesn’t have any interest in love or relationships. All she wants is a quiet place and a good book to accompany her. Coffee would add to it during winters.


7.) The low self-esteem: 

Miss Low self-esteem usually has tons of talents. She is attractive but doesn’t believe so. A bit shy and sensitive. Not confident with her skills. Needs a confidence booster almost every day.


Well, every kind of girl bestows a different color and adds a little more to the variety. After all these girls add to the spice of your college life! 

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