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F.R.I.E.N.D.S and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. These two shows have been in our hearts ever since. The characters are just too amazing to be real but then they are as realistic as we all are. And to some extent, we all have friends just like say, Joey or Barney, Robin or Monica. So here are some of the characters you all can relate your friends to!

She’s that one friend you go to whenever you are in the middle of a fashion crisis and also that woman is your fashion police. Whatever she wears or carries becomes a fashion trend and she has oodles of guys drooling over her. She’s the super model of your little gang and her style and poise is what makes her, her! And she makes you feel like a model too!


No need to say more about this person. But still, this man is the thunder. He has the power to make the funniest yet the lamest jokes and you all love him deeply. He’s the ever witty person who can make you laugh even when you don’t want to smile. He has this sarcastic retard trait in him and you all want to kick his ass most of the times because of this yet you adore him. He might be the most caring person you ever meet.


How you doin’? 😉
Yeah! The Casanova. The man who gets the chic he wants. Always. He’s the reason you girls don’t trust guys. But he ain’t a bad guy for you. He’ll kick the ass of the person who hurts you a bit. He can go from being a total jerk to being an innocent kid in like 0.009 seconds. And you love that about him. This friend is always the wingman for his friends. He goes like “Haaaaaaaaaaaave you met Ted?” and yeah, you got a date! He is always there for you, through thick and thin, no matter what.

The total bro-zoned friend. She is the one with the coolest relationship advises and she’s single herself. She is a complete badass and you turn to her whenever to need to pick up girls and you don’t have your wingman. Enters, *drum rolls* THE ROBIN! She is your partner in crime and she is more like a guy than a girl. She is a pain in the ass most of the times but yet she is the life of your gang. Her insanity is what makes her, her and that’s what you love the most about her.

The always-in-love man. This friend is always in love with someone or always trying to get in love with someone. He loves being in relationships and he is an absolute romantic at heart. He helps his friends with everything related to their relationships from helping them out in planning a romantic dinner or choosing the perfect gift for their special someone. He falls in love too soon and always hope them to be the ONE. You all absolutely adore his way of seeing things so romantically and all the girls dream to have a boyfriend like him!

She is the agony aunt. The one who’s always right about everything. Ranging from family issues to boyfriend/ girlfriend issues. She’s the one with the most legit solutions to all your problems. No matter how stupid and lame your ranting might be, she’s always listening to you. She is the most considerate about your feelings and makes sure you are fine. She takes care of you when you get way too drunk and she handles your random breakouts. She is the most mature one. Everyone loves her for the mother like feeling she tends to give!

Feel lucky if you could relate these to your own pack of friends and cherish them forever! These monsters can be totally irksome but you know that you can’t do without them. They are life. True friends are hard to find but once you find them, they’ll be there for you! ALWAYS AND FOREVER!
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