Two-Day 64th Annual Sports Festival Leaves PGGC In High Spirit


The celebrations of the 64th Annual Sports Festival of Post Graduate Government College, Sector-11 continued on November 19th for its second and final day. The events for the day included 10,000 Mt race, 100 Mt and 200 Mt race, 400 Mt hurdles along with 4×400 Mt relay, etc.

The “children’s races”, in which the small children of the faculty participated and the faculty races were also held. A 50m race for children and a 100m race for the teaching and non-teaching faculty. A strikingly amusing event for the audience was when a young boy participating in the 50 Mt race kept running and covered the whole 400 Mt. track.

Photo-Credit: Sahil Dhiman (PGGC-11)

Photo-Credit: Sahil Dhiman (PGGC-11)

Charanjeet Kaur (B.P.Ed IV) and Parampreet Singh (B.Sc Non-Med) bagged gold in the 1000m race; Aman Sharma (B.P.Ed I) in triple jump whereas Sawan (M.P.Ed II) and Maphi (B.P.Ed I) overshadowed others in javelin throw; Abhishek (B.P.ED-I), Rukmandeep (B.P.ED-I), Suraj (B.A-I), Balwinder (B.COM-I) stood first in 4×400 m relay race.

Photo-Credit: Sahil Dhiman (PGGC-11)

Photo-Credit: Sahil Dhiman (PGGC-11)

The Department of Physical Education also compiled a list of best athletes of every Sports Fest held in the college, since 1954. The closing ceremony was held after the all the events for the day and their prize distribution had been done. The chief guest for the day, Mr Jitendra Yadav (IAS) was welcomed with the march past. The event came to a close after the speech by the chief guest.

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