Trolling: An Emerging Trend


Technology is heading forward at such a tremendous pace that it is not difficult for a person to communicate with anyone. This communication has turned into quarrelling, upset people, depressing them by posting inflammatory messages in an online community whether it is a blog, Facebook or Instagram with the intent of outraging and attracting response.

The ones indulging in these activities are given name “trollers” who are cowards, hiding behind the curtains of anonymity and are making social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter act as pillars of support to seek attention.

“Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognise your power. Not because they do not see it, but because they see it and do not want it to exist.” This is the ultimate aim of trollers who are not able to do much in their lives, and thus choose this path.

“Hey u fatty!”, “Do you eat whole of your family’s food?”, “Where do you get your size clothes?”

What you read above is nothing new for a chubby person who is used to these nasty comments and facing bullies.

Bullying, the most common term among youngsters who find it to be amusing, has a very deep impact on the mind of the person who faces it.

Although trolling may seem to be less disturbing, and less serious than bullying, the victim suffers a breach of self-esteem, becomes depressed and anxious. This ultimately affects his mental well-being, and he may take extreme steps, threatening his own life. But this does not affect the troller one bit, who’s the culprit and should be punished.

These trollers become successful when we as audience feed them with replies and comments. The best way to zip up their mouths and make their infuriating attempts negligible, is to simply ‘ignore’ them. If they find no replies, no arguments on what they wrote, they will obviously step back.

Not only common men, but big celebrities too, are victims of trolls. There are many instances where celebrities have been trolled- be it Sonam Kapoor for her dress at the Cannes, Deepika Padukone with her visible cleavage, Sonakshi Sinha being called ugly on Twitter or the Badshah of Bollywood, SRK for his flop works like Happy New Year.

Recently, Jhanvi Kapoor, daughter of Late Sridevi Kapoor was trolled for celebrating her birthday just 10 days after her mother’s demise. Why is it wrong for her to move on in life and cope with her sorrows? What is the issue with these trollers?

In a bid to teach them a lesson and make them realise their mistake, MTV channel has started a show “TROLL POLICE” which traces the most annoying trollers of celebrities and brings them in front of the camera without their knowledge, to expose their deeds. These people hide behind fake accounts, and troll those who have achieved good in their lives. Many celebrities like Tapsee Panu, Mandira Bedi, and Zareen Khan succeeded in tracing their troller and exposing their truth.

This may act as alert sign to other trollers, to stop harming and interfering in others’ lives.

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 Gazal Aneja (GGDSD 32)

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