Tripda (Share the ride, Share the happiness)


1) What is Tripda?

Ans- Tripda is a global, free to use, carpooling platform, that connects people in need of a ride with drivers who have empty seats in their cars. This enables people to meet new people and save money by sharing their travel costs, which ultimately leads to people travelling more while spending less! In simpler terms, It is a service that makes better,smarter and more sustainable use of what’s already there towards making the journey cheaper and comfortable.

2) How did we get the Idea of getting Tripda to the Tri-City ?

Ans- Tripda, as a concept is built on the lines of solving problems and bettering lives. As for the tri-city, we saw a lot of potential. The people here are welcoming, very open to the idea of meeting new people. With so many Campuses in the tri-city and such major routes emerging from Chandigarh, like Chandigarh<->Delhi, Chandigarh<->Patiala, Chandigarh<->Ludhiana, Chandigarh<->Shimla among the many others, the tri-city was the best place where we could change everyday travel routine as to make it far more comfortable and cheaper.

3) How is Tripda helping the society ?

Ans- With fewer cars on the roads, we not only  help people, but also the environment. Fewer cars means less carbon-emission released into the atmosphere. The Tripda Ride is the smart way to roll, for your budget and for the planet. It is a very effective tool working towards reducing green-house effect. Not only that, in a time where real life interactions are dying day-by-day, Tripda is a social network that makes people meet in real and have worth the while conversations.
4) Who are the people involved in Tripda?

Ans- In Tripda, We are a small team. For Chandigarh – We have Sahil who heads all operations and there is Me who takes care of the Campus Ambassador’s and everything else, other than operations. As our team, we have interns who help us to be Kick Ass and help us produce such results that are appreciated Globally.

5) Message to the Tri-City !

Ans- Offer/Book carpools on Tripda and make the city even MORE beautiful. Reduce the Traffic, Meet new people and build a culture.

To see how they share happiness click the link below 😉


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