Tricity’s fav. Pranthas


Its Parantha Time.!!

Ask Punjabis or anybody for that matter, there would hardly be any person who doesnt like paranthas. The pranthas have a major role to play. They fill you up, help you sleep well and make the best combination with tea.

On asking the people of tricity about their favourite pranthas, they not only replied to the same but also talked about the favourite things to add to the pranthas with. For that matter , ‘chae’ ,’makhhan’and ‘dahi’ are the best.

Talking about pranthas , 35%people of Chandigarh like ‘Aloo pyazprantha’ the most . Other 30%like ‘Gobhi prantha’  the most. 20% of tricity people like ‘egg prantha’.10% of Chandigarh’s youth like ‘paneer prantha’ ,followed by ‘dal prantha’ liked by 5% people.


  1. Aloo-pyaz prantha

Aloo pyaz prantha is no doubt the tastiest prantha. Be it morning breakfast or lunch, you can have it at any time you want to. Clubbed with curd or butter, it tastes the best. Hot tea doubles the taste of aloo pyaz prantha.

Aloo Prantha

  1. Gobhi prantha

Gobhi prantha , when made thin and crisp , tastes the best. Gobhi prantha has the best masala stuffed in and tastes best with the curd. “Gobhi de pranthe bnana sab to zada mehnat mang da aa” , says a prantha vendor .

Gobi Prantha

  1. Egg prantha

Egg prantha ,being the third favourite ,tastes the best with green chilli ‘chutney’ or with tomato ketchup.The bad part,however , is that the norms of the university doesn’tallow the shopkeepers to serve them.

egg prantha

  1. Paneer prantha

Paneer prantha,the fourth choice of Chandigarh’s youth is often liked when coupled with ‘pickle’ and ‘tea’.Paneer pranthas are always availablein the university’s hostel messes and serve the taste buds of our university students.

paneer Prantha

  1. Dal prantha

Dal prantha is tasty, filling and is one of the choices of Chandigarh’s youth. It taskes awesome when eaten with curd.

Dal prantha is quite common in university hostel messes too.

Daal prantha

Chandigarh, indeed, is a prantha loving city and the different dhabas, vendors cater verywell to the tastes of people.

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