Travelling Words: A New Chapter in the Kavitactic Yellowback


Kavitactic, the poetic action was started on September 19, 2015, and since then it has created much buzz among the youngsters and adults, alike. Kavitactic is Chandigarh’s own slam poetry club, which was started with the sole aim of bringing all the poets from the city at one place and see the magic happen. Kavitactic aims at building a community of writers and poets that the city beautiful can call it’s own. To take another step in achieving this aim, Kavitactic is organising an event named, “Traveling Words”.

Yes, to start with a new session Kavitactic, in collaboration with AIESEC Chandigarh, is organising Traveling Words, which will serve as a paradise to the writers and poets. The event with the tagline “Let your imagination know no boundaries!” will take place on the 16th August, 2017 at SCO 10, Back Lane, Sector 26 with a fees Rs. 200 (includes free snacks, PS another reason to be there).

Prerit Rajput, the co-founder of Kavitactic said, “The event is one of its kind where Kavitactic and AIESEC is giving a platform to the poets and storytellers of the tricity to share their travelling experiences. Unique thing about this event is that the performers are free to interpret the theme ‘travelling’ the way they want to. Come tell us tales of the places you’ve been to, the ideas you’ve visited and revisited, the unsure grounds upon which you now tread and traverse.”

Slam poets in the city usually do not get much of platform to share their incredible talent with others, but Kavitactic has left no stone unturned in eliminating this barrier. They usually meet every month to listen to each other’s poems and this time Kavitactic is inviting all the storytellers, writers and poets of the city to be a part of this amazing adventure called Travelling words. The time for the event will be 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The event will definitely not let your expectations down and is undoubtedly going to be one of the best events of poetry happened in our city.  Be there or be there.

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Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

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