Travelling: A Vogue


“Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.”- Christopher Rice. 

Yet most of us are running after these coloured pieces of paper and are becoming the pawns of this so-called ‘wealth factor’. We are sent to schools, colleges, and universities to aim at earning well in our lives because yes, without money, there isn’t any societal status. To buy anything from bread to brand, we need some weight in our wallets but what if that heavy wallet goes empty in a huge and shady hospital. This is why it is said, “Health is Wealth”. Becoming super rich will give you temporary happiness but the stress that will bubble up in you will be very tough to defeat by all the money you have. Money does not come with the assurance of staying with us lifelong. So, there is no point storing money under your thighs. Spend it wisely wherever needed and enjoy every bit of life. The beauty of enjoying life lies in exploring new ways to collect happiness & experiences, and make oneself strong by tasting the sweets & sours of all the experiences., especially those gained during travels.

Europeans have always been fond of traveling. They were the real explorers of the ancient times & now even after centuries, all they carry is a backpack, tickets and a passport and there they go traveling across the world. They are least concerned about how many houses & cars they own (they are concerned but they don’t give a life to these material things, barring some exceptions of certain elite classes). They love traveling and meeting new people, tasting different flavours & cultures and eventually, collecting a whole good set of memories, pictures, and experiences which last forever in life, in contrast to money that comes & goes. 

We, being the free Indians after independence from the European colonialism, are said to be westernizing under the umbrella of our former rulers. We, directly or indirectly, follow their lines to call ourselves modern. Some of these lines that we follow make us modern and developed at the political and economic front, while some of them, which we choose according to our own choice and will, make us feel good at a personal level. Such a trend that the youth in India has also started following is ‘travelling’. We have somehow realized that life is useless until you live every bit if it and to live every bit of it, tasting all its colors is the only way, and traveling gives us the way to taste these colors. 

The present generations keep exploring the internet to find beautiful destinations to spend a vacation, go for a trek or camp out for some days. A few years back, there were no people called ‘travel bloggers’ and now, applications like Instagram are flooded with the profiles of travel bloggers. They travel to both known and unknown, explored and unexplored places, post their pictures and attract so many people to visit those places. Very interestingly, the young people who find difficult to save money for any purpose, now save money to travel. They get ready in groups with all the basic things in their backpacks and go for a trek, which earlier was done only by a few. 

Cycling to Ladakh from different corners of the country and even from different countries is so much on trend and is the best example of the traveling fever. Also, there are various web series being made in India as well as abroad which show the young people traveling and having fun (an Indian web series-“The Trip” is trending these days). The Bollywood is also not lagging behind in depicting some beautiful journeys of individuals (movies like “Queen”) and friends together (movies like “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”) enjoying a trip and coming back all refreshed and rejuvenated. Travelling introduces us to new people, makes us more interactive, bold, and tough and more than anything, gives us another level of happiness and happiness is not something you should postpone for future, it is something you design for the present. 

In USA, the people of 30-35 years of age, are called ‘the generation of renters’ as they choose living in rented apartments than spending money on buying houses or bungalows. According to them, materialism is no parameter of happiness. Ultimately, all you need is some money to meet the basic needs which include health as the most important thing.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”- Saint Augustine. So, stay healthy, happy, pack your bags and live the world and every breath you take.

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Sehaj Sodhi (ISSER, PU Campus)

Bio: The City Beautiful enchanted me from the tranquil hills. Any current in society enlightens my ink on paper. I learn Social Sciences at Panjab University with a hope that I’ll be a prodigy of a kind. Writing to me is a blessing in disguise and if you like it, you can visit


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