Transformation In India: Mythology to Technology


India is known for its rich heritage because of the monuments, traditions and most importantly the  myths. A person either sitting under the roof or walking on the road refers to these myths at least once in his lifetime.

Yesterday when I was going for some work, my aunt didn’t allow me to go out because my mother sneezed and she said that it will be tragic if I go out. This left me perplexed that do we still bother about this stuff, that too in the twenty first century? My granny doesn’t let us go to peepal tree in the evening because she thinks that ghosts live there and it’s very dangerous.

Myths- myths all the way and not a logic to tell. The myths can be found by us only in our time and with our meaning to it. Wearing the coloured dresses as per the significance of the days of the week , for instance, on Thursday its yellow and for Saturday, it is black. The mythological histories can never be erased.

These typical myths still continue to exist in the society but a major part of it got transformed into a word with unlimited benefits that is Technology. India has become the technology using country in terms of buying most of the IPhone and other gadgets. Cats at times were said to be unlucky but nowadays people care for those as their pets. We have come to know the importance of having a class and aura in whatever we do and carry. People started to be the fashionista. They have everything which symbolizes their level in the society.

Every housewife or a working women learnt to shop online by saving huge money by getting discounts and fifty percent off sales. My mother always shows off that now she is on Instagram looking up to all my stuff and I am like mom, from where did you learn this? Ah! Students started learning through gadgets more easily than they were taught by the chalk and board. My young cousins carry more high class gadgets than my bizarre.

I think soon in this era, there will be robots serving us. Moreover, the dream of every person is to settle at the moon. Children want to spend their June sabbaticals at the Jupiter. Also nowadays if we have a look to our nanny’s place there’s no fun. Everybody sits with phone in hand, talking nothing but about Bollywood and Sonam Kapoor’s marriage. POWER BANK has disgusted every parent. Nowadays siblings don’t fight for toys, they are ready to kill each other for power banks. Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi have become the godfathers of every fashionable girl.  Boys are not far behind as they are getting to every possible way to get sorted with their hair and sneakers.

This long way of changing from mythology to Technology has helped India achieve a better place in the world out there. In the goal 2050 i think we’re going to nail it with being so digital in all means.

From peddler to Yamhas and Mercedes

From lead pencils to tablets

All this has come alive because of the positive approach. The day is not far when people will have satellite flights to go from Earth to Venus. From myths to techs we have got the change!


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