Training session: SD MUN in full swing!


Kick starting the preparations of SDMUN 2016, the delegates were on February 9 given a training seminar. Held in GGDSD College’s seminar hall 3 the training session saw Mukul Bhatia guide the participants on how the MUN conference goes about.

Even though most of the participants were first timers the enthusiasm was no less. The 40 MUN experienced, Bhatia shared his knowledge to the crowd. He shared one experience when he was involved in a MUN where Ministry of magic was formed, though it didn’t possess the magical powers like the one in Harry potter. It still sounded quite fun.

When faced a question on “how should we address countries that aren’t on good terms with the country I’m representing?” Bhatia narrated an event were the delegates forgot all the manners and went on swearing at each other.

Accompanying Mukul Bhatia was Hriday Kohli who with his expertise of 25 MUN’s briefed the gathering on the various committees and tackled through tough questions. Kohli was much more effective in his pictorial explanations.

There were certain interesting moment that cheered up everyone as the long session progressed. One such moment was when participants told the names of countries they had been allotted. Antigua and Barbuda was one such nation. There were a few who weren’t even aware of countries like Togo and Ecuador, which surprised many.

The training session though was long but a few interesting characters present made it all the more attention grabbing. The OC of SDMUN 2016 looks towards making the simulation better than any other. The Event takes place on February 13 and 14 and promises to be a huge success.

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