Tragedy strikes at Istanbul Airport– 41 dead and many injured


A horrific attack shook Turkey recently, causing 41 deaths so far and injuring around 150 people. And to say, the fatalities are still counting!


According to the reports, on late Tuesday, three attackers arrived to the airport in a taxi, and started shooting in and outside the terminal. One of the attackers also entered the departure hall, however, was shot by the police. Remaining still for 20 seconds, the man blew himself up and caused major damage to life and property. Following this, the remaining two attackers were also killed.


While the main culprit behind the attack is yet to be identified, it has been said to be extremely well coordinated and has been termed a ‘suicide bombing’. Flights in and out of the airport were suspended after the attack, but have now resumed. However, a great number of cancellations have been observed.


Personally speaking, my hands were literally shaking as I typed this article. All I can do by writing, is to let you know about the attack. And something that we all can do is, pray for the family of those injured and those 41 then-alive, who lost to inhumanity.


On the other side, we can only speculate on how exactly this attack is going to affect our world.


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