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When I was in 11th standard, eldest son of my neighbour’s died because of overdose of drugs. Not only my family but whole colony was stunned. Since my teenage, I saw my classmates, (sadly, including girls) smoking weed and drunk on most of the parties. On the name of freedom- all they do is con their parents, sneek their parent’s car out after midnight, smoke, get drunk and get back before 6:00am in morning #Nightouts
I always thought that this might be real fun, adventure, rush. So even I tried that. Trust me I wasn’t able to enjoy even a bit of it. This toxic journey is very short lived. Do you think the people who do drugs have a future? I really think the people who advocate drugs are insane. Doing drugs isn’t a definition of being ‘cool’. It kills all the creativity and utility. And to those who advocate it by saying, “life main ek baar toh try karna hi chahiye”I did that, and all I have now is ‘regrets’. 


I am glad the tussle between Urta Punjab and Central Board of Film Certification came up on national front. No matter which side was right, but the point is that it led to serious investigations on toxism, drug-mafia and its nexus with politics. People finally started cribbing over what is worth eradicating. And gladly, in unexpectedly higher magnitude.


Recent Indian Express report gives estimates of drug manufacture and supply, and its huge. They showed how major drugs consumed in Punjab include heroin, opium, charas, smack and synthetic drugs. Of these, heroin is majorly smuggled into India by Pakistan across the borders. In 2015 BSF (Border Security Force) seized 344.370 Kgs of heroin. Since poppy and opium cultivation is legal in neighbouring state of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, it well explains the availability of toxins in Punjab. The Punjab’s share of charas and smack is obtained from Kasol, Kullu in HP.  Baddi and Una supplies synthetic drugs including capsules, tablets and cough syrups. And all of it, are stats and no mere arguments.


Investigation by Punjab Police have revealed that these drugs are smuggled across the International borders, and transits through Punjab to International market upto Holland and Canada. And the number of drug addicts have alarmingly sky rocketed since last decade.
Now the question arises, why these figures rose so high? What was government doing since all these years? Drug was a menace even during the times of Congress’s Captain Amarinder Singh, and when looked at the other side, Badal Government’s loose grip and implicit involvement increased the degree of drugs.

Whatever arguments be put forth to play the blame game, the answer to sought is, how will this menace end? And to this, I expect the current generation to grow out of High School drama and realise that life begins where these drugs and alcoholism end.

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Srishti Jaswal (MCM College 36)

Srishti Jaiswal (MCM College 36)

I am doing psychology hons from MCMDAV College.
I love travelling and cooking.
I am DIY enthusiast.


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