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The student community in all  the world over is confronted with a multitude of problems. It is then that the various Student Organisations come to their rescue, bridging the gap between the popular demands of students and the administrative authorities. Panjab University is no different and boasts of housing lot many student parties which are always ready to voice the popular demand, leaving no stone unturned to assure the welfare of students.


NSUI, under the leadership of Rohit Rana, Hahan Sidhu and Shubh Sekhon, has been turning quite a few tables off late. Starting from 16th of June, 2016, in a span of about only two weeks, a total of four memorandums have been submitted to the Vice Chancellor by the party, including the one pertaining to extension of last date for submission of online application forms for various courses, owing to the complicated online procedure of form submission and delay in declaration of results. It goes to their credit that the last date was extended from 30th of June, 2016 to 4th of July, 2016.


Apart from this, issues relating to the provision of e-rickshaws and improvement in library facilities have been put forth through the series of memorandums. Concern has been shown for the exorbitant rates charged from the students for availing the facility of e-rickshaws and it has been proposed that the facility of e-rickshaws be made free for the students of the University. Problems faced by the bibliophiles in the AC Joshi library have been likewise addressed. Arrangement of books with legible serial number, repair of old books and the permission to bring one’s personal books inside the main library are the targeted areas. Lack of basic amenities, specifically in girls’ hostel no. 8 in the South Campus is yet another troublesome issue brought under the purview of the University administration. Steps are also  being taken to atleast mitigate the effects of, if not completely doing away with, red tapism in the administrative department, voicing  the commonest  problem faced by students.

A step forward has been taken in the right direction. Looking forward to more agendas up their sleeve.

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Mallika Singh (English Dept, PU Campus)

Hi ! I am Mallika Singh pursuing Masters in English from Department of English and Cultural Studies, PU. I have a penchant for everything that helps me explore my creative faculties. Writing and painting help me bring out the best of me and I look forward to opportunities for the same. I’m a blend of both mind and heart and strongly believe in the power of an individual to change the world.

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