Top 5 Iconic Sunglasses That Look Good On Anyone


Most of us recognize the sun that feels like a grace on chilly winter days as a cruel mistress in hot summers.It causes sunburns, sunspots and what not.So we outset for the protection: SPF’s, umbrellas, hats. We even see girls with their faces covered with colourful duppattas and long summer sleeves. But there’s one such thing I’m sure everyone likes to wear and that actually pampers your looks.

A pair of sunglasses! They are more than mere shades! They not only offer protection but pep up your look too in all seasons whatsoever!

Bringing to you 5 kinds of eye wear that will instantly add bling to your look!

Aviators: It’s a bold choice whether the wearer is a man or a woman. This type is a favourite among general public and receives high ratings from customers. They suit best on people with heart shaped faces and can even be worn by people with oval curves. They come in all flashy colours, Black, Brown and Gold being the most popular.

805289602057_shad_frCat-Eye: The beautiful vintage glasses suits perfect on oval-shaped faces with defined cheekbones. They have long brow frames with up-sweep outer edges and give you a sharp flawless look just like a model.


Over-sized: Bigger is better! They are slightly larger and give you a glam yet classy look. Best for people with round faces. Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, White, Gold are most trendy among girls. Black stands evergreen.

OversiezedRound about: People think twice before choosing this type. It looks elegant on people with angular faces though they should be avoided by round faced people.They also look good on people with oblong or heart shaped faces and are also called ‘Bapu Frame’ inspired from Mahatma Gandhi.

Round AboutWayfarers:Worn by many celebrities and style makers, they are perfect for every attire. They give you a cool and dashy look with an edgy style both in offices and parties. No one can resist their effective designs available both in matt and shiny effect.


Go grab a treat to your eyes and more!


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