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Talk of college and you see students bouncing back to classes, dinning halls, dorms, meetings, library, sports etc. These are the most common visuals in any college. From falling asleep in class to putting a lock on leftovers to keep roommates from raiding your shelf in the fridge, this hilarious collection of photos break down just what a college life comprises of.

And now that we are talking of college-life anyway, let’s give the food-spots their due for saving us from starvation and making up for an adda where food and gossips go handy. 

Read on and see if your food-spot makes it to the list of top 5,

1.) Arts Cafe:- No breakfast at home means a treat i.e. aloo-kulcha, chana-puri from Arts Cafe.

2.) Funbytes:- Savi Gupta, a BBA student of GNDU said, “Cheese-korma sandwich is actually the best sandwich I have ever eaten from Funbytes. They prepare it so well that the taste I get here is what I have never had before in any restaurant.

3.) Flavours:- Are you on everything liquid? Finding a place to have juices: mango, apple or peach, or you wish to gulp down a tea or a coffee? Flavours is that one place from where you can get anything related to drink.

4.) Asia Cafe:- Now if you don’t know what ‘Asia Cafe’ is, you will know soon enough. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Chinese, Indian…you can eat anything to everything here at very reasonable rates. Chances are you will end up enjoying a lot with your friends.

5.) Garden:- One of the most popular hangout place in GNDU! A perfect place for a peaceful environment to study, to talk and to enjoy sunny afternoon’s of winters. It provides a beautiful natural view in which one can capture beautiful pictures. Perfect place to admire beauty of nature and also well maintained garden as compared to any other college. 

Think there is a cafe/hang-out spot missing in the list? Tell us about it in the comment section! 

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