Top 4 E-Learning Sites to Diversify your CV


It is rightfully said that e-education is the labyrinth and also, the way out! Nowadays for obvious (diversification) reasons, recruiters and employers expect more than the usual resume. Hence, e-learning has become more of a necessity than leisure, if the main aim is to diversify our prospects. The portable, burden-free, casual, study-at-your-own-pace attributes it offers, make for the best learning experience.

To give a competitive edge to your CV, here are the top (and mostly free) e-learning sites.

1) edX ( 

From ‘entrepreneurial opportunities’ to ‘English, grammar and style’; edX encompasses a wide range of online courses. It is an online learning destination and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) provider, offering high quality courses from the world’s top universities. Harvard, Berkeley, Queensland, MIT are a few to name. They strive by their motto- “Quality education for everyone, everywhere.

~Popular courses: The science of happiness, TOEFL test preparation, astrophysics, from java to android for beginners, resume, networking and interview skills, Mandarin and Spanish languages, among many more.

~Charges: Majority courses are free on this site, and are accessible to everyone with a chrome and Internet connection. A certificate of achievement, depending upon the final grade, can also be earned.


2) Coursera ( 

“Take the world’s best courses, online” is what their webpage blazons. This is one of the most popular sites for online learning in India. It provides access to the education premiered by the world’s top universities, to anyone, anywhere. Video lectures, quizzes, peer graded assessment is an integral part of coursera’s learning climate.

~Popular courses: Machine learning, English for business and entrepreneurship, design thinking, cryptography, learning how to learn, foreign languages and think again-how to reason and argue.

~ Charges: Few courses are free and for some technical courses, a nominal minimum fee is charged. A certificate of achievement is also rewarded.

3) Udemy ( The only difference between Udemy and edX is that this online platform can be used for teaching as well. So besides shelling out, one earns a few bucks too. They offer on-demand (i.e. one learns on his/her pace after enrollment) and affordable courses for career advancement and personal interest. They have refund policy as well. “Dream, Create, Teach, and Learn” is the motto they operate by!

~ Popular courses: 3D animation basics, photography masterclass, java tutorials, HTML programming, Udemy for business, and game maker, and web designing.

~ Charges: Most of the courses in Udemy have a fee to be paid, if one wishes to enroll.


4) Udacity (
This online learning platform is a perfect combination of paid and free online courses. In the paid ones, students have access to study material, certification, and progress sheets; whereas in the free courses, students can access exercises and video lectures only. If one is not sure about the fees, then he/she can take a 14 day free trial on the site for any course he wishes to.

~ Popular courses: Technology and computers inclined courses are offered.

~ Charges: This site has specifically divided courses under paid and free. One can choose from the eclectic range of courses offered.


Some other good options:

Why to simply restrict your known languages to Hindi, Punjabi, and English, when there is a plethora of exciting languages, a click away? Brilliance of this model is in the fact that a bit persistence and a mere involvement in the arena of e-learning, can increase your employment potential manifolds. Evolve is the motto!

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