Too many earrings, too less days to wear them.


Too many earrings, too less days to wear them. To all those bold and beautiful women who let their funk do all the talking, here are 4 websites which satiate that love for all kinds of accessories a girl dreams about!

1. Crunchy Fashion
For that diva in you. From jhumkis to chandelier earrings to pearl drops, this, my girls is your playground.

2Pipa Bella
Pep up your style with it’s amazing collection. Gone are the days when finding the right type of accessories got you moving like a roasted chicken in the middle of the market. Every possible accessory, for every possible event is at your finger tip. *Just Add to Cart*NOW.

3Krafted with Happiness
Happiness is carrying the latest fashion with absolute panache, Every-Single-Day, this site basically is going to ‘kraft’ your happiness like never before!

4Tribal Zone
This is for the funky you, the quirky you, the colourful bubbly you, it’s got splash of colours with a dash of quirk and oodles of style. So let the diva inside you hit the road right away.

So you thought every girl’s dream is to look for Prince Charming, PLEASE, it is most definitely to wear a new funky piece everyday!

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