‘To Sir, With Love’


“It is your duty to change the world, if you can. Not by violence, peacefully, individually, not as a mob”

‘To Sir, with Love’ is one of those films that will make you want to jump into the TV screen and join the characters. An old English film, it deals with a class of immature British kids, who get a new Black teacher.

Going by the script, Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier) is unable to find work, even after receiving his degree in engineering. He is therefore, forced to accept the job of a teacher. As he starts his classes, Thackeray is fast in realising that traditional ways of teaching are not going to work there.

The students in their final year of High-school are barely ready to face the extremely competitive real world. He dismisses all notions of making them want to study, and instead teaches them about life; the basic curtsies that are easily skipped by most of us, the harsh truths of the outside world, and the kindness that one must possess.

Slowly and steadily, he worms his way into all of the student’s hearts and the once rude kids come to respect him, not only as a teacher, but also as a friend.

The movie however, also has its moments of cute romance. Thackeray seems to be smitten with fellow teacher Jilian and vice versa. We don’t actually see a confession happening throughout the film, but it’s obvious that there is a bright future ahead for the couple.

Portier’s character is not one who possesses effortless understanding, but one who makes an effort into understanding the people around him and their situations.

All in all, the movie is one of those with a package of emotions put perfectly on display. For students who find their exams ever nearing, it gives a satisfactory feeling and lifts a great burden off their shoulders. And it gives a longing to meet Mr, Thackeray.

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