To New Beginnings!


It has been a month since many of us joined college or university. The ride to the present day has been a roller coaster for new hostel-goers and day scholars alike. Major life decisions have been made. Some of them are agreeable and some not. It has been a time for many firsts, many introductions, and many friends or in some cases, a few. 

Scooties and bullets have been bought, autowallahs cursed at, geri-route discovered. Many of us have gone down, down in Silvertown aka Chandigarh and its party scene (yes, it exists). Many of us have just about made it to the market for groceries and back. 

The idea now is to maintain the momentum we have gained. We must own the responsibilities that come with power and be our own heroes (Yes, that was a subtle reference to Spider-Man).

College is the culmination of our journey to adulthood. We have grown as much as we can biologically, and now it is time to grow on our own terms; in terms of infinity!

This is a chance to reinvent, evolve, realign and realize ourselves; to accept our past mistakes and move on. This is a new beginning, a fresh start. 

May good fortune rule over you, peace live in your hearts, may the wind always be beneath your wings and may the road always rise up to meet you. Good luck, always!

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