To live or to let live!


When humans emerged, what they fed on first was plants, fruits and vegetables. Then in various cold and warm parts of this earth they started feeding on flesh, of both sea and terrestrial animals. Years and years of evolution, growth, wars and independence later, we finally are composed of a mixed category of feeders, comprising of what the world has divided into Carnivorous, Herbivorous and Omnivorous.
Today, we are more aware about our morals and ethics and are more empathetic about animal safety. As they are being butchered to be later consumed as food, we know that there is a lot of cruelty towards animals these days. We are also made aware, through campaigns, to not consume milk and milk products, as they belong to the young ones of various species
What I want to ask might come as a surprise. But to ponder over, why are we trying to protect animals from being consumed? Why are the protests being held all over the world to promote vegetarianism and vegan-ism?


It is a known fact that we are far more superior a breed, intelligent than wild animals and more susceptible to developing techniques that make controlling and eating animals as easy as chopping vegetables. Now, if humans were to use their morality so much, would there be organisations like ISIS, terrorizing the world and killing thousands of humans everyday? Would there be uncountable rapes in the still developing and developed countries? Would there be so much exploitation of the poor by the rich and the powerful? The answer should be NO. But that is not what the situation is.


When vegans try to explain their faith, they say that we should not consume something that is made with the efforts of animals. It’s their claim to raise their voice against animal cruelty. Some vegetarians, justify their belief by saying that consuming animals is against the religion, Hindu religion in specific. Religion is neither a scientific nor a universally significant basis for deciding whether or not to consume animals/animal products. There are many religion that promotes killing and consumption of animals. Then what is the basis for deciding what to consume? One still can’t be 100% sure as to the criterion that defines vegetarianism as a better way of living than the opposite. But as long as we remain humans and practice humanity, which is quite a possibility even in non-vegetarianism, I suppose we shall continue to follow Darwin’s “theory of survival of the fittest.”

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from MCM DAV College. An avid reader with an immense love for dancing. I enjoy music, poetry and art


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