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So, the new session is starting and freshers are all set to go shopping for new clothes. They generally check fashion articles to get trendy clothes. Usually we come across articles about women’s outfits or about the combinations of formal shirts of boys with various types of shoes. Placing aside the outfits, what kind of hair-do or headwear they choose also adds to their personality. This article has been written for my Sikh brothers, to talk about the Guru’s gift to them  – that is “The Turban”- and also, to provide a guide about various Turban styles.

Perfect Turban styles and colours that contrast with their outfits, add grace to the admirable Sikh personality. Some Sikhs choose to wear specific colours according to the religious significance attached to them, while others match according to their own style statements. After being examined closely, the following ways of styling turbans have been noticed-

The first and most important thing is choosing the correct colour. Usually one should match the turban colours according to the primary and secondary colour palette. With check and patterned shirts or t-shirts the turban should be according to the check and pattern. Also, various combinations are according to the contrast of soft and dark colours like:

Black- Orange

Green- Red

Light blue- Red

Dark Blue- Yellow

Pritam Pal Singh, the famous Sikh blogger, advised “One can wear any style of turban with whatever style of clothes they wear but I personally prefer the following styles-“

  1. Ethinic wears- Dumalla
  2. Formal- Patiala Shahi
  3. Casuals- Wattan Wali
  4. Sweat Shirts-  Morni
  5. Round collared T-shirts- Morni
  6. Sprty look and for comfortable workout days- Simple Patka

So, these were some style tips for turban shopping since even the non-Sikh guys love to style turbans and it is the pride of the Sikh Personality. Happy Shopping 😊

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