Timings Changed for Boys’ Hostel: 10 pm is the deadline


DSW in their latest circular introduced new rule restricting the 24 Hour Entry to boys hostel upto 10 pm. Any entry after 10 pm will be recorded by the gatekeeper. Hostel authorities will charge a fine of 250 rupees for each late entry. DSW revoked the unrestricted entry keeping in view the safety of young men. The initiative came after several incidents of girls doing Gedis after guys were recorded in the campus as well as in other areas of Tricity.

A guard who works in the night shift told the reporters of PU Mirror about such an incident recently. “Two guys on their way to NFS around 2 pm were chased by some girls in a jeep. The jeep followed them around the campus with obscene music blaring on. The boys tried to ignore them. But the girls in the jeep were not letting them go. When I noticed some disturbance going on near USOL I signalled the girls to stop and asked for their id-cards. The girls apologized and I dropped the two young men safely to their hostel. The girls were not even university students.

A resident of Boys Hostel 5, on the condition of being anonymous, told us that when he was returning from library one night, a girl on an Activa started following him. When he tried to run the girl started moving round him in circles and passing lewd comments. He has stopped going to AC Joshi library since that night.  Another hosteller related a similar incident of teasing in Sector 17. When he complained to a policeman, the reply he got was “Dekh hi to rhin hain kuchh kr to nhi rhin. Ab hm kis kis ko smjhaen. Aapko khud samajhna chaie na Sir k itni der tk sham ko aise ghumoge to yhi sb hoga.

A local politician commented that the boys should take care of their own safety and should not roam around late at night in shorts and revealing gym clothes. Some boys complained that the new timing regulation is an encroachment on their rights and condemned the politician’s comment. They said that it should be the duty of the University authorities to ensure their safety while allowing 24 Hour Entry. Student political parties are threatening to go on an indefinite hunger strike for this cause until the new regulations are rolled back.

Disclaimer: This article has been published under our Thursday section of Bogus Bulletin and is purely a work of the writer’s imagination. It has no relationship with reality. The good news is that both boys and girls are as free as they were before reading this article.

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