Timeline: Punjab and Haryana on High alert in lieu of a rape accused


As ironical as it sounds, the rape case of Baba Ram Rahim was a baffling question on face on the Indian Judiciary from past many days. About 15 years of delay and 20 years of jail, the question that rises is whether this  is enough. And this is how the fury and the brutality so imposed by the Dera Sacha Sauda Chief, Baba Ram Rahim and his so called peace loving followers culminated as the CBI judge declared 20 years of imprisonment in the rape case of two Dera Saadhvis by Ram Rahim on August 28 at the Sunaria Jail in Rohtak.

Prior to this, no one can deny the array of activities so done in the two states of Punjab and Haryana by the miscreants that claim to be the true followers of Baba and his ideologies. Taking the city of Panchkula by storm, all for bad reasons of course, the disturbing and horrendous crime so committed by the disillusioned followers left the beautiful city of Haryana into bits.

PU Mirror gets to you all that happened between August 22nd and August 28th, watch out for the timeline of activities and decisions here-

August 22-August 24

Ahead of the impending decision considering Ram Rahim as a rape accused, the Dera followers headed over in huge quantum to Panchkula. The sole reason for such a huge crowd turnover was the presence of CBI court in Panchkula city where the decision was to be announced in the rape case.

The wake of August 22 witnessed uncountable number of footsteps treading over the roads of the city with the intention of destroying it to the core if the decision went against their Guru, who claimed to be the Messenger of God. In spite of the imposition of Section 144 (Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) prohibits any assembly of five or more people in an area where it has been imposed) in Panchkula, the fleet of the followers was unstoppable. And eventually the city was flooded with around 2 lakh followers of Baba Ram Rahim who claimed him not guilty of the accusations.

On the other hand, Sirsa, the centre of the high end Dera Sacha Sauda had another set of fuming followers standing right outside the main Dera and pledging to even die for their Pitaji, as Ram Rahim is called by his followers.  The superstition and blind faith was quite evident in various other cities of Punjab and Haryana which clearly was running in favor of the Dera Chief.

The tussle between the authorities, police, paramilitary and the forces continued till August 24. Meanwhile, the residents of all these cities were paying at the cost of their freedom of moving out of their houses. The situation worsened when the military and the police force took over the entire city making everyone subject to an almost situation of fear and house arrest for three days and the ban on normal SMS service and mobile data services was something that the normal citizens could never even imagine in their wildest dreams. And the video released by the Dera Chief, a night before the decision was nothing less than an overdramatic gesture.

triple-talaq-1August 25

Then came the day of decision, that carried lot of apprehensions within its veil. Moving contrary to the plan of flying off to Panchkula, Ram Rahim along with a bandwagon of more than 400 cars drove his way to Panchkula. This act on his part made the situation worse as his blindfolded followers disrupted the entire system of security just to get his glimpse all through his way.

Upon reaching the court, the decision that was so anticipated by many finally came out as a reality check to his peace claiming followers. The court decision finally pleaded Ram Rahim guilty after 15 years of wait which made the followers run riot over the cities of Panchkula, Sirsa, Mansa, Malout, Firozpur, Moga and Delhi. As the news of Ram Rahim being put behind bars spread like wildfire, his followers violently run roughshod over Panchkula and destroyed three government buildings, damaged five media OB vans, 100+ cars, motorcycles and two fire tenders. The 16,000 security personnel so deployed were taken over by almost 1.5 lakh followers present thereof in Panchkula. The jawans were not retaliating and cops often left post when confronted by the mob. Immediately curfew was imposed in several districts of Punjab such a Bathinda, Mansa, Patiala, Ferozpur and many more. In the unnecessary riot so initiated by them, 31 were killed along with 300 followers being injured.

The failure on part of the security personnel and improper implementation of law and order led to the suspension of Panchkula DCP, Ashok Kumar and the entire Haryana Government was chided by the High court and put under radar of questions for the dame.

Self proclaimed Godman, Ram Rahim was not immediately imprisoned instead was taken to a guest house meant for senior officers at Sunaria near Rohtak. However, he was then shifted to Sunaria Jail in the evening.

Dismantled and devastated, Panchkula was left in turmoil by his followers and the beautiful and well planned city of Haryana was bearing the cost of the decision against Ram Rahim. A wise decision was made by the High Court which declared the compensation of the public and private loss by the property of Dera Sacha Sauda and announced to seal all the deras.

It was a very long day for Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur and the adjoining places as August 25 was replete with shameless deeds on part of Dera chief and his followers.

August 26-August 27

The curfew remained intact in many cities of Punjab and Haryana leaving the general public at dismay. And the media brought to light various other heinous crimes of Ram Rahim so revealed by his close followers and near and dear ones which are acting as whistleblowers is such crucial case.

triple-talaqAugust 28

Taking serious lessons from the mistakes so committed on August 25 in maintenance of law and order, most of the cities were converted into cantonment area to ensure prohibition of any disruption ahead of the announcement of punishment tenure to the Dera chief in the rape case.

At 2:30 PM, the process took place in the temporary court so made in the jail premises which was presided over by the CBI judge along with Baba Ram Rahim. Initially, a punishment of 20 years of imprisonment for individual cases of two sadhvis along with a compensation of Rs. 14 lac each, was announced.

This decision on part of the judiciary reinstates faith of one and all in the Indian Justice and is lauded all across the nation. And a court hearing accusing him of murder of a journalist is also scheduled for September.

However, a major question arises, ‘Is just 20 years of imprisonment enough for Dera Sacha Sauda chief Ram Rahim who was playing a spoilsport in the veil of religion and humanity?’

All these incidents brought the city of Panchkula to the national limelight majorly and such instances are an eye opener to the Indians who become mindless followers of such religious gurus who maintain a fickle minded approach and take undue advantage of their high and might. However, these people fail to realize that the power of truth supersedes every other superpower and everyone stands equal in the eyes of the law.

This entire episode is a live example for all to be vigil and conscious about one’s own safety and disposition towards truth.

Disclaimer: We have tried to provide you with as accurate and precise information as possible in the above article.

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