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An immensely creative display of technology based activities was exhibited today in the gymnasium hall of MCM DAV College for Women on the occasion of ‘ITech fiesta 2015’. The event was organised by the Department of Computer Science and Applications and sponsored by Infomaths, a Chandigarh based Educational Institute. The IT fest was a pressing opportunity for the budding ‘tech-wizards'(or witches, if you will) to showcase their talent and skills in the field of technology.

The event got going with a lecture by Ms. Aparna on Vedic maths, which is an ancient system of calculation based on the “Vedas”. The zealous students participated in a number of competitions such as Poster Making, Cartooning, PowerPoint Presentations, E- waste model making, Movie Making, IT based Rangoli, Skit and Dance and discovered and made use of their talent.

The Principal Mrs. Neena Dhawan appreciated the earnest efforts of the girls and stated that such opportunities contribute to the overall development of the students.

This was a fine example of how Indian women today are becoming efficient in the field of technology and there emerges a hope in our hearts that a significant contribution in the development of the IT industry in India will be made by these young women in the near future.

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Mihul Narad
(MCM College 36)

Currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from MCM DAV College. An avid reader with an immense love for dancing. I enjoy music, poetry and art.


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