you wake up in the morning and witness the bright sun shininig outside. you hear the birds chirping and yet again you embrace the bright summer. After you are done with the breakfast, it’s time for you to step foot outside your little precious space and welcome the world. But the most important thing you do before you get out is to decide on “WHAT TO WEAR”

Being a women myself,I can relate to all the hard morning decisions that i have to make in order to “dress best” for the ouside world.

That said and done, we women and men (ofcrse) have a lot to choose from when it comes to clothes. We are the blessed souls unlike our ancestors who didn’t get the opportunity to experiment with the fabric.

For us to understand this, let’s minimise our sample space and take our vey own Panjab University. We come across all kinds of fashions, be it d modern look or our very own traditional suits. We see girls experimenting with their attire in every possible sense, for those who have witnessed it first hand will understand what i am talking about.

The most cliche attire will always be a comfy tee with a pair of denim jeans, and the second most preferred one is the Patiala suit. But we do witness a change in them from time to time. Pallazo paired up with an exentuating top with some cool funky accessories has been on the top of the list this summer. To give it some competitions we see that long skirts have made a comeback this summer. A small kurta with a long blockprinted skirt with a pair of earrings sets the mood aboslutely right for this scorching heat.

Talking about the heat, we most definately can not sideline the funky shorts. A shirt or a tee or even a kurta can act as a perfect partner with those shorts. Another good look is when shorts are coupled up with crop tops.

If we talk about the other sex now, a pair of kurta pajama seems to be in fashion these days. we witness the guys experiment with bermuda while pairing it up with loose tee shirts.  Ofcourse jeans paired with tee-shirts and shirts gives them the adequate look.

If we talk Fashion, we most definately can not neglect the accessories. For the girls, a pair of earrings and braclets have taken on the first positions . One can always experiment with a funky watch and a long neckpiece while going all western with the look. As for the boys, a good round or square dialed watch takes all the credit, wrist bands are another one of such accessories that has been catching the eye of many. And God forbid we can not leave the Shades Out, Sunglasses have been a prerequisite especially if we talk about the summmer. Aviators and wayfarers have been at the top of the list (as usual) , but making a grand entrance we have the browliners and the round. Ofcourse Cateyes and pilots have been our companion since long.

The 21st century is where new trends ome in everyday and with people literally shattering the aged thoughts, new vistas have opened up for the fashion industry. We witness that in our very own vicinty and hey! its your body, and it’s completely your free will to dress it up the way you feel comfortable and can potray a cool picture to the outside world. So go funk it up..!!



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