TIECON 2019: Boosting Entrepreneurship Right


TIECONCHD ,the biggest entrepreneurial event in the Northern Region focusing on opportunities and challenges faced by the young and emerging entrepreneurs was organised on 16 February  in ISB Mohali .The event started at 9:00 a.m. The main highlights were start up bazar and expo stalls.The event was divided into various parts.From 9 :00 am to 9:45 ,registrations and networking was carried out, though online registrations were there but on the spot registration  facility was also available

There were people in huge number .The crowd was too huge that all the seats in the hall got filled and people present there had to watch the event standing. The event started with lightening of lamp followed by a  welcome speech by Mr. I.S Paul, followed by various speakers who presented their various view points on entrepreneurship and leadership. Some of the main highlights were Rajendra Aggarwal,Vini Mahajan ,Andrew Ayre ,Vijay Inder Singla ,Shiv Khera and many other renowned entrepreneurs. Andrew Ayre highlighted the development of R&D department of India as compared to the whole world.Also he talked about UK government that how it developed and how it contributed in the development of smart cities. He also mentioned the India UK partnership.

Grand Keynote was given by Vijay Inder Singla. He was very positive towards startups and industies.To illustrate he mentioned various IT giants in Mohali and also added that 50-55 companies add to the strength of Punjab. He also supported Punjabis by mentioning that they are the ones who always contribute. He also mentioned various reasons for farmers suicide. On the whole it can be said that he is a person with very broad point of view.

Then came one of the most amazing motivational speakers of all the time Shiv Khera with his inspiring and new thoughts. One of his best idea was about skills .According to him we have three skills where persuasive skills is of utmost importance. Audience got very much thrilled with his views  that they applauded it with all their energy.After his speech delegates were provided with lunch and after lunch various other speakers presented their viewpoints.It was concluded by Sameer Jain around 7:00 pm.

Besides speakers,there was also a startup Bazar which added to the success of this event.There were many new and innovative startup ideas there such as giving practical training to the students form the starting years itself and many more.

To conclude, it was one of the successful entrepreneurship event.It created an energizing entrepreneurial environment for startup founders to get inspired and take off.

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