Three Jacks of the admission trade!


New life, new beginning and everything around you makes you curious! With your school-life being over, your mind wanders to be the part of a good College or University. Almost 75% of the students wish to go to another city, far from their hometowns. But, you are also told to keep a ‘Plan B’ ready, the obvious reason being those skyscraper cut-offs.

We bring to you three kinds of students, that you will most likely find while the admission confusion takes a toll.

  1. The Focused One:


They fill very few forms! But hey, they are confident about their selection.

  1. The Everywhere Category:


Now, here comes the majority of us! We fill each and every admission form, that our friends might have filled! We attend counseling sessions, and finally end up being in a decent college. Well, sometimes even unplanned things bring you the best times in your life.

  1. The Courageous Lot!


They are the risk-takers, who decide to drop an year! The reason can be preparation for some competitive exam or being unaware about the last date for admission.

Whatever category you fall in, the inevitable feeling of getting older and independent is normal. If you are lucky enough to have your school friends by your side in college, then the plans of fun and parties must be already laid out. And even if you get new friends, the urge to celebrate the new phase of your life always find a way.

College gives you an altogether new world: teacher becomes professor, canteen becomes the ‘holy place,’ your PG becomes your home, PG mates become family, you learn the value of money and bunking becomes the tradition. Then there are societies, seminars, theatre drama, fests and a lot of what expands your horizon! Meeting new people, is what keeps this phase afresh and joyful.

The freedom bestowed upon you by your parents, seems to be the ultimate boon. But then, you even know the feeling of being homesick. Don’t you?

Your college days in each way possible, give you the best ride of your life. So, hop up, enjoy, be careful and stay safe!

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Divya Rajani (PGGCG-11)

Divya Rajani is a student of BA -III(Eng Hons.) from PGGCG-11. She likes writing, making new friends, and her love for food is endless. She wants to pursue her career as a Public Relations Officer and her future plans are to explore new places and write about them.


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