This Week, That Year (September 25th-October 1st)


Do you know Henry Ford was the one who brought 40 hour work per week facility in this week? Do you know Shahid Bhagat Singh, Dev Anand and Manmohan Singh were born in this week? Do you know the Disney Resort was opened in this week? Do you know Latur witnessed an earthquake in this week? Know about it and more in our, “This Week, That Year” from September 25th to October 1st. 

September 25th

On this day in the year 1926, Henry Ford announced 8 hours, 5 days a week work framework. This framework went on becoming very famous and highly effective, until this day the workers were asked to work for all the 7 days in a week, which made the results against their goals. Hence, Henry Ford discovered this technique and changed the world since then.

September 26 th

The day welcomes two birthdays. On this day in the 1923 year, the most loved Indian actor and Dada Sahib Phalke award winner, Dev Anand was born. Dev Anand, the ‘I hate tears, Phuspa’ actor was famous for the way he used to portray the character given to him. On the same, in the year 1932, the 13th Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh was born. He is an internationally known economist, who was behind the liberalisation implemented in India in the year 1991-92.

September 27th

On this day in the year 1905, sphere of physics skipped a heart beat. As on this day, a Physics journal “Annalen der Physik” published Albert Einstein’s paper “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?”. Bringing forth the most important equation ever in the world of physics, E=mc². This was the paper through which Albert Einstein gained famed and his work was recognised worldwide.

September 28th

When we hear the name of Shahid Bhagat Singh, it shivers to our spine. Whenever we think about him, we remember the sacrifice he gave for our freedom, the number of fights he fought for our freedom and that he threw his life just for our freedom. On this day in the year 1907, Shahid Bhagat Singh, the very daring freedom fighter, was born. He was born to a political family in the district of Lyallpur, Punjab.

September 29th

The day is recognised as the World Heart Day by the WHO. The world heart day is celebrated with a mission to reduce premature deaths by cardiovascular diseases (CVD). On this day in the year 1916, American Oil tycoon, John D. Rockerfeller becomes the first person to become a Billionaire. This is the day which marks the begin of the race to become a Billionaire.

September 30th

On this day in the year 1993, an earthquake of 6.4 scale hit Latur in India. Over 28,000 people are killed in this natural disaster resulting to be India’s one of the deadliest earthquake. Also on this day in the year 1997, Microsoft releases the most installed search engine, Internet Explorer 4 was launched.

October 1st

It was this day in the year 1888, first National Geographic magazine was published. Hence setting a foundation stone story for the multi-storeyed building. On this day in the year 1971, Walt Disney World Resort opens in Orlando, Florida. The resort featured the Cinderella castle and many other Walt Disney related themed props. Also, the day in celebrated as the World Coffee Day.

Disclaimer: We might have missed on some of the other important events, but these are events which have the highest value in our regards.

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