This Week, That Year (October 2nd-8th)


Do you know when the IAF was founded? Do you know that Indira Gandhi was arrested for accusations? Do you know that it was week in the history which initiated the “Space Race”? Do you know Mahatama Gandhi was born in this week? Know about it and more in our, “This Week, That Year” from October 2nd to October 8th

October 2nd

On this day in the year 1869, Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi aka Mahatma Gandhi was born. Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation, is one of the reasons that today we are breathing in a proud, independent nation. He was born in Porbandar, Gujarat to a Hindu merchant family and trained in law at the Inner Temple, London. He is the person who lead the Independent India Movement against the British and fought apartheid in South Africa.  

October 3rd

The day is noted as one of the most dramatic day in Indian political history. On this day in the year 1977, former Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi was arrested in lieu of a financial scam, popularly known as “The Jeep Scam”. She was kept at the farm house for a night and next morning was produced in front of the judge for hearing. The arrest is known as the first political blunder of Janta Party.

October 4th

On this day in the year 1957, Soviet Union launches first artificial satellite SPUTNIK in the space and started an unofficial space race, a big part of the cold war. SPUTNIK was visible from the earth and had detectable radio waves. The satellite used to travel at almost 29,000 kilometres per hour, hence, taking 96.2 minutes to complete one orbit of Earth. Also on this day, Wikileak is launched.

October 5th

Vampire novel, ‘Twilight’, which changed the image of Vampires (Pun intended), was published on this day in the year 2005. ‘Twilight’, a series of which depicts a romantic love story of a vampire, was written by Stephenie Meyer. The book debuted at number 5 but later on went on to become the number 1 best seller. Also, on the same date, India launched a low cost tablet Akash produced by an English company Datawind.

October 6th

Film Actor Vinod Khanna at a Film fare Award function in Bombay, 1995.

On this day in the year 1946, Late Vinod Khanna was born. Vinod Khanna was known for his versatile acting skills and was known as the most handsome actor back then. He was a keen follower of Osho and also an active participant in the politics. He had won two Filmfares as well, and passed away in this year in the month of April.

October 7th

On this day in the year 1950, Mother Teresa founded received the permissions from the Vatican City to start “The Missionaries of Church”. The group which kick started with only 13 members, became a group of thousands of Nuns running orphanages, AIDS hospices, and many more charity centres worldwide. Also, on this day in the year 1978, Zaheer Khan was born.   

October 8th

This is the day for every Indian to feel proud as on this day in the year 1932, Indian Airforce came into being. Till 1950 it was called the Royal Indian Air Force, after that it was called as IAF. Now it is the world’s fourth largest air force with almost 1.6 lac personnel. IAF today has 1500 aircrafts and stations all over the nation. Also, on this day in the year 1985, Bruno Mars was born.  

Disclaimer: We might have missed on some of the other important events, but these are events which have the highest value in our regards. 

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