This Christmas and New Year, Spare A Life


With Christmas and New Year ruling the minds these last few days of 2016, everybody is in a hurry to reach home and spend some quality time with their family. But isn’t it a matter to start with, that you DO reach home? People generally start driving recklessly due to hurry, as evident from the newspapers full of accident reports this time of the year.

The reckless approach to driving can lead to fatal accidents which can cause serious injuries to other people on the road and also to the driver himself. Now that New Year is just at a few days difference, you will see cars loaded with people more than it is made to accommodate and college students rushing the lane at night, shouting and apparently ‘having fun’. With much known about how this ‘kind of driving’ affect life and property, we aren’t entering into that territory anyway. But what no one shred an opinion on is that the negligent drivers also end up intimidating the rookies as they are unable to drive safely because of someone’s reckless and selfish approach to driving. Many-a-times the rookies stop driving on the roads because they fear their life which they do not wish to lose to negligent driving. All of this dents the confidence of a new driver who might stop driving because of such fear or their parents may ask them to quit driving as a whole, as they are concerned about the safety of their ward and their vehicle. It also happens that parents of a rookie driver scold him if he brings a damaged car home since the parents have to pay a hefty amount for repairing their vehicle.

What goes without saying is that it is unfair to cause harm to the other person and run away like many of the drivers do, because this shows that they are not ready to face the consequences of their wrong act since it requires courage and compassion which many people lack. Festivals have no importance if we harm the other person due to our recklessness, nor if we damage the reputation of the person who is not responsible for the accident as he will live with the subconscious guilt throughout his life, which will definitely make his life harder. You will also not be able to enjoy your life to the fullest as you will feel responsible for the permanent damage that the victim suffered from the injury. Not only this, there will be responsibility of emotionally and economically harming the victim’s family as it is tough to bear such a loss.

To make a parallel, here is an incident. I went to UK last year and saw people waiting for the pedestrians to cross the road before moving their vehicles forward. Though the intent is not to defame anyone of the two sides (read nations), but if good qualities can be imbibed, why to see from where? We can take a leaf from their traffic rules and implement such rules here in India to make our roads safe to walk and drive. There are innumerable measure to take in this regard, but all those are bound to fail if the base-line is not clear: It is the driver who needs to understand that there is no celebration, no occasion, no work as important as a life. How about sparing one this end of the year?

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Aarush Munjal (UILS, PU Campus)

Aarush Munjal
(UILS, PU Campus)

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