Things you must look forward to before joining the Department of English and Cultural Studies….

1. Remarkably Cultivated Faculty- The department has a very learned faculty. Their teaching skills are par excellence and can transform your personality by the end of your Masters degree.
2. Accessible Office Staff- For all the little issues that you might have regarding the proceedings in your department the office staff is always available for help.
3. Capacious Classrooms- The class rooms hold ample space. They easily accomodate a large number of students at a time. The classy lecture halls add to the ambience all the more.
4. Breezy Corridors- The corridors are airy and made lively by displaying picture of well known authors and poets. The connect with literature is always kept intact.
5. Airconditioned Library- The department library is a relief for all students in summers. Also it houses a total of 3208 books catering to all kinds of students’ requirements.
6. Language Laboratory- It is a fully equipped Lab with multi media equipments such as TV, CDs, Tape Recorders, etc.
7. WiFi Campus- Panjab University has worked well for the comfort of students by installing WiFi allover the campus. Each student gets his/her unique Login ID and password from the respective departments.
8. Department Auditorium- Other than the main Law auditorium, the Department of English and Cultural Studies has its own auditorium which provides seating arrangement for a total of three hundred.
9. Amiable Research Scholars- Other than the senior faculty the Senior and the Junior Research Fellows are really friendly and help the students have a better insight into research.
10. Chirpy Department- The department holds various educational seminars and functions from time to time. There is never a dearth of exuberance here.
The department has much more in store for the freshers and the ones who are part of it know it all. Known for being dominated by female students, this department would definitely give you the best of education and over all development. Hope you make memories here that are cherishable forever.
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Seerat Sachdeva
(Department of English and Cultural Studies, PU Campus)

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