Things A Late Night Person Loves To Do Between 12 A.M. and 5 A.M.


Do you love silence? Do you love the dark? Does pulling an all night before an exam an easy job for you. If you are also a late night person you will also surely relate to these things.



  • Netflix is your perfect partner- Netflix is surely everyone’s bae. From endless movies and T.V. series from all genres. We can actually never get enough of it. We might start at 12 A.M. but never get to know that it is already 5 A.M.


  • You have got superpower of finishing an entire season in a night- Superpowers are real and this one is yours!! You can go watching an entire season and never got tired of it. Also, if you want ideas to which T.V. series you can watch next you can refer to my another article – “10 best T.V. series to watch with your friends”. (
  • Thinking about paranormal activities- We all have must once thought that what if ‘A vampire or ghost come up to us’. We have made plans how to save us and our family. Also, we have thought what we can talk or just play with them.
  • Counting sleeping hours – Have you ever counted repeatedly sleeping hours hoping that now you will sleep and will particularly have “5 hours 26 minutes and 45 secs of sleep” before you have to wake up.
  • Checking news feeds of your social media account – This trend of memes have given another thing to add to checklist of people. Sometimes we even get so attracted to some gossip of Bollywood or just some random talking that we kept on starring on such memes all night. Just switching between Facebook and Instagram has become everyone’s favourite hobby these days.
  • Food cravings – Having some snacks with Netflix and Coffee is the perfect way to stay up late. Even if you are not using netflix at middle of night you must have starred on your refrigerator for food. Also, you must know all the popular night snack joints or Zomato is always there for rescue.
  • Setting life goals – Even getting yourself some life goals, planning and sorting of things for yourself is the best day to spend night. And of course you would not even be thinking about it next morning.


Planning to change habits – Be it be having any bad habit of drinking or smoking or just as a simple habit of staying up late. You must thought a lot about it and surely made plans how to change yourself from tomorrow. You still didn’t changed a bit.

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